Saturday, November 12, 2005

Grandma and Grandpa Warriors

Arizona Senator John McCain fightes USA Grandma and Grandpa Warriors who are trying to stop the Iraq war. McCain says same BS story used to keep the Vietnam war going 10 years and that BS is: "We must stop the warriors in Iraq before they come to the USA."

November 11, 2005, Veterans Day

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68 … Phone: (909) 866-9310
PO Box 120707
38941 North Bay Drive
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-8944

To: Arizona Senator John McCain

Nov. 10, 2005, I heard you say on the News Hour With Jim Lehrer that America needs to stop the radical Muslim warriors in Iraq before they bring the war to the United States.

Here is the Quote as per transcripts of the Jim Lehrer News Hour show.

More important than Vietnam. In what way?

Well, when we left Vietnam and came home and Ho Chi Minh or his followers didn't come after us.

I think if we lose here, you're going to see a factionalization of Iraq and the kind of training and place where Muslim extremism flourishes. And I think if you look at bin Laden's statements and Zarqawi's and others that they will be coming after us.

I Carl say, “To many good men, woman and children died a very painful death believing that America had to stop Communism in Vietnam before they will be comming after us in America.”

I’m dumb but not that dumb, I do have a little bit of a memory and learning curve still attending my cranium. It seems to me that you and many other politicians are the radical ones and the so-called radical Islamic warriors are just independent people, trying to stop radical lying Western capitalism from spreading into their countries.

Senator McCain, look at yourself, you have become a Gnostic, and a disgrace for what seems to be the obsession for Presidential power. I pray this letter shows that you changed into a slime sucking bottom dweller, feeding off the fear of America getting invaded by outsiders. Senator McCain, your so-called invading outsiders where always here; and for now we call ourselves,
Grandma & Grandpa Warriors with memories.

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

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